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We're an upscale environment, very classy and comfortable.

We show people what they have, teach them about the process.

We weigh everything right in front of them. There's no pressure to SELL GOLD.

We're much different than a pawnshop or a jeweler that also BUY GOLD.

Just curious what your gold is worth but not ready to sell? No problem! Quotes are fast and free, and come with no obligation to sell . Take all the time you need to decide, and we'll be here once you're ready to sell. We are first Professional ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED GOLD JEWELRY BUYERS IN CHENNAI and The Most modern ANALYSING Technology. We are very particular about giving you the best possible offer for buying your GOLD jewelry for Cash In Chennai when it comes to sell your USED gold JEWELLERY, the options available are very limited, and are not transparent in most of the cases. Goldmax ensure we give you the highest price with transparent evaluation and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


The most sensible and simple way to sell gold jewellery is to calculate how much cash you take home for the gold you sell. COMPARE IN VARIOUS SHOWROOMS YOU WILL DISCOVER GOLDMAX PAYS THE MAXIMUM CASH FOR GOLD. Put in effort to check that your getting paid HIGHEST cash for gold. Don't be confused just calculate how much cash you get for the gold you sell, be clear where you get the BEST QUOTE . So if you believe every little drop of gold counts, then GOLDMAX is your destination in chennai.

The gold content is assessed at the outset by identifying the hallmark, a number marked on your jewellery that indicates what the gold content is. For example, 24 carat gold has the highest gold content and 8 carat has the lowest. If we cannot find a mark, we will test your gold to find out the gold content, and pay you accordingly.Markings that you may encounter include 22/20,22CT,KDM,916,BIS916 or 99.99 (100% gold) and any carat in between.Touch stone, Acid test, XRF Testing are the procedures we follow, A basic test can take 2-3 minutes per article.
A3. Stones , Beads, Enamel ,Dust, weight will be deducted for valuation.We will remove any diamonds or other stones in your jewellery and return them to you. You can choose to sell your items with or without the stones in them.
A5. All payments will be based on our company guidelines either by CASH / NEFT / RTGS .
A7. YES you can by providing 1 Photo ID & 1 (local) Address & 1 (Native) Address proof
A9. GOLDMAX respect the privacy of your personal information, and comply with all T.N. privacy legislation. We do not use your personal information for any purpose other than the one for which you provide it.
A11. Getting the best price starts by educating yourself about Antique jewellery and learning how much the jewelry is worth.Some very old gold does not have a karat stamp so you may want to test it to make sure that it is actually gold. Knowing how valuable certain gemstones jewellery are can give you a good idea of how valuable your jewellery is. Of course , without official certification, you have no way of knowing just how valuable or high-quality a specific gem is, or even if it is real. That is where a professional stone evaluator comes in.
A2. It is very simple : Gold weight X Purity Percentage X Buying rate.The prices we pay are based on the amount of precious metals you have for sale and the current spot price for those metals.Precious metals are internationally traded commodities. Their prices, known as spot prices, are determined by the supply and demand on global markets. The prices we pay are derived from these markets, so when global prices change, our do too.
A4. NO your ornaments will not get damaged if a computer XRef test is performed .
A6. We comply with all GOVT.OF INDIA (T.N.) legislation and regulations that relate to buying and selling precious metals. As such, we are required to perform an identity check on everyone who sells us items. We are not able to buy from minors, aged less than 18 years of age.You must produce ORIGINAL 1 Photo ID & 1 Address proof out of the following documents i.e. Driving license, Passport, Ration card, Election ID, Work ID, Telephone bill, Mobile bill, Purchase Bill,Property Sale Deed,Rental Agreement,Bank Statement .
A8. NO we will not be able to re-sell it as we will be melting it for purification immediately. Please decide before you sell.
A10. We are open from 10am to 6pm Monday to Saturday.

The word gold derives from the Old English Anglo-Saxon word 'geolo' meaning yellow. The chemical symbol for gold is Au, from the Latin aurum, which means 'shining dawn' Gold bars were made as early as 4000 BC

Gold is a chemical element with symbol Au and atomic number 79. In its purest form, it is a bright, slightly reddish yellow, dense, soft, malleable and ductile metal. Chemically, gold is a transition metal and a group 11 element. 
Symbol: Au
Melting point: 1,064 °C
Atomic number: 79
Electron configuration: [Xe] 4f14 5d10 6s1
Boiling point: 2,970 °C
Atomic mass: 196.96657 ± 0.000004 u

75% of all gold ever produced has been extracted since 1910. It has been estimated that all the gold in the world that has ever been refined would form a single cube 20 m (66 ft) a side.
The price of gold is fixed twice a day at 10.30 am and 3.00 pm at the premises of N M Rothschild by the five main Bullion Houses – Deutsche Bank, HSBC, NM Rothschild, Scotia Mocatta and Societe Generale. The first gold fix was on 12th September, 1919 and this tradition has continued in order to provide a publicly quoted price as a benchmark to be used by producers and consumers.

​Great human achievements are frequently rewarded with gold, in the form of gold medals, golden trophies and other decorations. Winners of athletic events and other graded competitions are usually awarded a gold medal. Many awards such as the Nobel Prize are made from gold as well. Other award statues and prizes are depicted in gold or are gold plated (such as the Academy Awards, the Golden Globe Awards, the Emmy Awards, the Palme d'Or, and the British Academy Film Awards).

Gold is further associated with the wisdom of aging and fruition. The fiftieth wedding anniversary is golden. Our most valued or most successful latter years are sometimes considered "golden years". The height of a civilization is referred to as a "golden age".

​The consumption of gold produced in the world is about 50% in jewelry, 40% in investments, and 10% in industry.

KDM MarkGold Jewelry from some places is / was marked with a KDM stamp which simply means that the Jewelry was soldered with Cadmium. Cadmium also called ‘Kadium’  was traditionally used in soldering of gold jewelry for its good properties of liquidity and melting at lower temperatures. Smoke emanating from cadmium soldering caused health hazards to artisans.  In many countries, the KDM seal was made compulsory as a warning to those using it. Subsequently, KDM-marked jewellery was banned in many countries.  shortly after the introduction of cadmium, it was also banned by BIS as it was found to cause health issues for artisans working with it. After the ban, cadmium was replaced by advanced solders with Zinc and other metals.KDM does not stand for quality. Using any type of rgold solder either KDM (Cadmium) or other gold solder to make the jewelry does not guarantee the purity of gold, as the purity is a representation of the percentage of gold in any metal.  KDM mark is a “statutory warning” against use of jewellery made with cadmium soldering. 

On 11th April 2000, the BIS launched its hallmarking scheme. The basic objectives of the scheme were Consumer Protection, to enhance exports, to improve the quality and purity of gold jewellery produced and to monitor any loss to the economy due to the improper karatage. A Hallmark indicates that the gold content in the jewellery has been evaluated and that the gold adheres to international standards of purity. So you can take the gold quality as claimed by the jeweller to be genuine. A Hallmark – or Standard Mark – for gold jewellery is awarded by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Hallmark is for buyer’s peace of mind that he bought genuine gold. For more information on BIS Hallmark visit their website 

Buying Gold jewelry as a prospective investment and it will give you another reason to own one. Because of high price there is a risk of adulteration by jewellers who pass jewelry of lower caratage and charge for the higher caratage. Only when you present it at the time of buy-back after good number of years you discover that you were duped.


Why sell your gold to GOLDMAX ?
Deal directly with a certified, practicing Gemmologist with 40 years' jewellery industry experience
Complete privacy assured
Appointment only to minimise waiting time
Convenient CBD location
We'll try to beat any other genuine offer

We are always happy to take any sort of fine jewellery from you and give you cash for it on the spot. We always guarantee to beat any price given by our competitors. We will take all carats of gold off your hands, including 8ct, 9ct, 14ct, 18ct, 22ct and 24ct, and all gold colours are also good with us, including yellow, white, rose and multi-colour.

We are committed to giving you the best possible return on your gold, jewellery and precious metals. We will not be beaten on price.

After jewellery coins are one of the most common items that we deal with. A little bit like bullion in that many people consider them to be a good long-term investment, we are always interested in all types of gold coins and other collectible examples. Our experts are specialists in all types of coins and you can rest assured that you will get the best possible market value on coins when you come to deal with GOLDMAX

Gold is definitely our core business but we are happy to take your silver all day long. We are Chennai's premium buyer of silver and the prices we pay go someway to explaining why we are Number 1. Whether it is old jewellery that you just don't wear anymore, or a new piece that you just don't like, we will be more than happy to give you cash on the spot for it today.

Diamonds are our best friend and we just can't get enough of them. We are Chennai's number one buyer when it comes to diamonds and our team of professionals are ready and waiting to walk you through the sales process. We guarantee to give you the best possible market price for your diamonds and we promise never to add on any hidden fees or commissions when you choose to do business with us. As a well-respected and established company, GOLDMAX is also able to put you in contact with the relevant classifying bodies if you are looking to obtain an official certificate of authentication for your diamond.

At GOLDMAX we will take whatever type of gold that you have, and that includes any broken or scrap gold that you simply wash to trade in for some fast cash. We can also extract any gemstones or diamonds that you have within the piece of gold jewellery, whether it be a ring, a necklace, or a bracelet.

Platinum is a precious valuable metal that is often confused with white gold. We guarantee the best price on any platinum you would like to trade, and we are also happy to help you determine whether your metal is platinum or not in the first place. Pop in today and let us give you a quote on any platinum that you are considering selling.

Bullion is a great source of investment and we are more than happy to give you cash for any gold or silver bullion that you would like to trade in today. As with all of our products, we guarantee the highest possible market price for your bullion and provide all quotes for free and without any obligation to sell.


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